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Coding Club

The summer coding block saw the children designing and creating their own games utilising Scratch code.  The children spent a week or so desiginging their concepts, creating the necessary backgrounds, tools and 'sprites' and finished up in the final weeks 'debugging' to make sure the games ran smoothly before presenting to the group.


Coding Club will run again this Autumn. Dates 

will be listed here and on our Facebook Page. 


The cost will be £25 for 6 Saturday classes

running between 11-12:00 with a presentation to

parents at 12:00 - 12:15.



Saturday 2nd November       Saturday 9th November

Saturday 16th November     Saturday  23rd November

Saturday 30th November     Saturday 7th December


£25 for all six sessions in the block.


enquiries@willinghamyouthtrust.org address for more info.

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Willingham Youth Zone

The Willingham Youth Zone, local youth club is on term time 7:00 - 8:30 on a Wednesday evening.  it currently supports years 6, 7,8 and 9 and offers a range of activities including, Sports, Crafts, Food, Information, Advice, Volunteering opportunities.

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Willingham Youth Centre Pop Up Park Café

We are so excited to be able to offer a local café at the Youth Centre which, ideally, sits adjacent to the QEII playing field. We have an excellent park and the addition of a café on the weekends (and if successful during school holidays) is a great asset to the facilities we already offer. 


There will be food, drinks, refreshing lollies and icereams and a smoothie or two if you are lucky and we are fortunate to also be able to offer Wifi and toliets.


So if you are about on the weekends pop in and say hi. 


We would love to see you. 

The Pop Up Cafeé is fully run by volunteers and has been supported in part by: 


South Cambridgeshire Rotary Club

Fen Edge Community Association

Willingham Parish Council

Willingham Action Group

Local Volunteers offering precious time


Without all of whom we would not bein a position to ffer this great facility to the community of Willingham.